Marshall Wilkes

About Us

Marshall Wilkes Publishing is an independent publisher of books on fine art, photography, and decorative arts. Books include monographs, exhibition catalogues, and catalogues raisonnés. Being avid art collectors and dealers with extensive experience in art direction and graphic design, we love working with artists and discovering the nuances within their work. We believe good art reveals a highly personal vision that illuminates a universal truth within each individual viewer, an experience we hope our books will capture on some level.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the work of important contemporary artists in handsomely produced volumes. We combine intelligent content with exceptional design and printing to ensure high standards. We work closely with each featured artist from development to production to create a comprehensive and thoughtful presentation of an artist’s work.

Marshall Wilkes is based in Maine, where major artists have flocked since the mid-nineteenth century. This tradition continues today with many artists working in summer studios or living here year-round. While artists with a connection to Maine are a primary focus, our scope of interest includes artists working throughout the East Coast, New England, and the Maritimes.

We hope our books will help to cultivate an appreciation for art and inspire people to collect art. The act of collecting supports fine art production, offers a meaningful form of self-expression that reflects the collector’s taste or a particular historical period. There are famous collections—the Rockefeller and Chrysler collections—but many people simply enjoy the benefits and prestige of building a collection even though the collection may be regional in its scope.

As school art curriculums wither and technology permeates every aspect of contemporary life, the next generation of art collectors is jeopardized. We hope to balance the scales by providing a historical record of an artist’s career that might not be documented in any other manner. Each book is meant to preserve an artist’s legacy, to complement an art collection, and to be enjoyed over time.